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Operating and growing a small business is challenging often because of the ongoing dilemma in managing resources. Learning to maximize those resources requires a strategic, practical plan targeted at the most impactful areas of your business.

Enter Evolutionary Convenience.

Click a number below to read a scenario we believe is a factor contributing to the challenges your business faces in growth and productivity.

Of course, we generalize and over-simplify the explanations here.

However, our experience shows us it is very likely your daily actions, decisions, and energy flow up to one of these scenarios.

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We've combined our energy, experience, and expertise to thoughtfully develop practical strategies for growth and improvement. Simultaneously, we committed to sensible pricing for our services.

We can eliminate your first two reasons ("excuses") right now.

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Scenario 1

  • Small Business Owners who operate a successful business likely were or are an expert in their industry or provide superior service and/or pricing.

  • These Business Owners still feel like an employee of their company.

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Scenario 2

  • The business is turning a profit but has started to hit the ceiling in Revenue and Net Income.

  • The Small Business Owner is "stuck" between adding overhead by hiring staff in hopes the additional activity will allow revenue to outpace the increased operating costs. Or pushing the current team to increase sales to support hiring more staff. The classic chicken or egg dilemma.

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Scenario 3

  • The Small Business Owner started the business by doing something better than their competitors experiencing early success along the way.

  • The Business Owner has failed to learn critical business functions and structure necessary to build long-term success. For example, learning how to conduct an effective interview or properly structure job roles.

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